Essentially-Eco: Green Glamping Tips

Introducing our new Essentially-Eco blog category where we will be sharing ideas for gadgets and gear, eco-friendly glamping tips, and green product ratings and reviews.

Secondhand Treasures for DIY Glampers

Not ready to invest in a big camping trip? Want to try your hand at conventional camping first? Remember that the first camping trip is the most expensive! Buying used gear and supplies will make your first experience more affordable and economical. Over time, the cost of each camping trip decreases substantially.

Fun Do-It-Yourself Glamping Projects That Glow

Looking for a few romantic projects for your upcoming glamping trip? Want to bring your own sense of style to make your experience shine? Here are a few fun do-it-yourself projects to light up your next glamping event!

Affordable Alternatives to Conventional Camping

Let’s face it, conventional camping may not be right for you. Not everyone enjoys the outdoors, pitching a tent, fishing for supper and smelling like a campfire. Some of us have allergies to pollen, bugs and burning wood. But that doesn’t mean we can’t experience the great outdoors on our own terms!

10 Natural Tips for Mosquito Prevention

You go through all of the trouble to plan a camping trip, purchase new gear and take time off from work. The campsite is set up with the most beautiful view and dinner is on the fire. Then, out of nowhere, the invasion of the mosquito begins! Are you prepared for these pesky bugs?