10 Things You Don't Want To Tell Your...

We’ve all had those embarrassing phone calls to our friendly Insurance Agent. You know what I’m talking about. Things like “Hi Rob, I need to put a claim in. I drove through the garage door this morning” or “Hi George, Look I know this sounds funny but as I was backing out of the driveway I ran over the lawnmower.”

Elbow Grease and Shine

My husband and I have been fulltime RVer's for several years now. One thing that we both hate to do is the washing and waxing of the RV unit to keep it looking good. We have tried using the RV park's recommended business to do the job but that can get quite expensive. I finally found this site that has some great info in it about how to bring your unit to snuff.

Prototype Wide Path Camper For Two

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The Must-Do Valentine’s Day Bucket List

Valentine's Day is almost here, and let's be honest, boys and girls: We are always looking for fun, romantic things to do, right? And, quite simply, that list of To Do's - we'll call it our Honey Let's Do List - can never be long enough.

Portable and Affordable Luxury Camping Items

As the influence of glamping spreads out across campgrounds and RV Resorts (including ours here at Highway West Vacations), the need for portable and affordable luxury camping items has increased as world travelers want to travel inexpensively, travel light, and travel often without forfeiting modern conveniences.