Take-a-Hike Or Ride a Bike!

Take-a-Hike is our brand new blog category for fitness and health discussions. We’ll share unique, interesting and informative information on everything from hiking supplies to the best biking trails.

These Boots Are Made For Hiking

Hiking boots can mean the difference between a good hiking experience or a bad hiking trip. Here are a few tips for purchasing and caring for the right hiking boots.

2014 Great American Campout

Today 25% of kids play outside daily—as opposed to 75% a generation ago—but the average child spends nearly seven hours each day using electronic media. – National Wildlife FederationSpending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health. The National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring The 2014 Great American Backyard Campout on Saturday, June 28th.

7 Secrets to Frugal Glamping

What if you love to go camping – or glamping – but you don’t have the budget for all the gear and set-up? Here are seven ways to save for camping on a budget!

Green Lantern Glampers

Why spend a fortune on flashlights, batteries, candles, etc.? Here are a few alternatives for flashlights: