Attractions Near Odell Lake – Salt Creek Falls

November 05, 2015

Planning a visit to Odell Lake, Oregon and our Shelter Cove Resort & Marina? Well, besides all that the lake has to offer, there are a number of beautiful natural surroundings just minutes down the road. One of these attractions is Salt Creek Falls, just a quick drive down Highway 58!

Just west of Willamette Pass, Salt Creek Falls comes in at 286 feet, making it the second highest plunge waterfall in Oregon. The waterfall was named after the river it flows into which was named Salt Creek because of a series of springs that had a high salt content. These were often used as salt licks for the wildlife that occupied the area. The falls were formed by retreating glaciers and lava flows that solidified and created a narrow canyon where the water now flows through.

This trail tends to be well-trodden due to the various viewing experiences that the area offers. You will see ample signage marking where the main parking lot is located. After you have parked your vehicle, you will now have to choose your own adventure!

Option #1 includes a railed viewing platform about 50 yards in after you have passed the main kiosk in the parking lot. Choose between a 50 yard or 250 yard loop back if you wish to make the viewing platform your end destination. The 250 yard loop is ideal if you want to make a pit stop at the picnic area or use the bridge to cross Salt Creek and explore more of the area’s trails.

If you are feeling adventurous or want to get as close to the waterfall as possible, you may want to go with Option #2. You will see a staircase leading down where the concrete path ends. This will allow you to get to the base of the waterfall if you so choose!

If you plan on visiting Odell Lake or Salt Creek Falls, visit for more information on convenient and comfortable accommodations.

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