Eco-friendly Initiatives – New Vehicle Charging Station

As a company comprised of outdoor enthusiasts striving to provide fellow nature lovers with truly unique locations, amenities, and accommodations, we recognize the importance of conserving natural resources and preserving our land, lakes, rivers, seas, and skies for future generations. That’s why we are proud to share some of our green initiatives with you as we continue to implement new policies and procedures that are environmentally friendly such as our new electric vehicle charging station!

Uvolt Watch – Solar Powered Watch That Charges Your Smartphone

At Highway West Vacations, we always want to have our finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest developments in the camping world, especially when those new products and services help us preserve our natural resources. One of the most exciting new products coming out in the near future is the Uvolt Watch, a solar analog watch that charges your smartphone.

Eco-Friendly Rain Gear – Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket

The colder winter months have been bringing rain to many different parts of the United States and raingear has become a must for many venturing outdoors. For years, rain jackets have relied on a laminated fabric that helps water bead upon the surface of the jacket. However, the chemicals found in these waterproof membranes have a difficult time breaking down readily in the environment. That’s why Columbia has developed the Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket, made from 21 recycled plastic bottles and technology that does away with harmful chemicals without compromising performance.

Eco-Friendly Hand Wipes For Camping

At Highway West Vacations, we are always researching the latest in biodegradable and compostable camping goods that allow us to preserve the natural surroundings we care for so deeply. We have discussed ways to safely use soap and washing devices without harming the ground or plant life at a campground but we thought we would focus in on one of the camper’s oldest secret weapons for a quick clean-up: hand wipes.

Solar Powered Camping Gear

The season of sun is upon us, so let’s learn more about solar power products that will help you conserve energy this summer at your campsite! Previously, we had discussed the solar powered cooking capabilities of the Sun Oven but now we have tracked down everything from lanterns to Bluetooth speakers that utilize the energy of the sun. Some of our favorite solar powered camping gadgets were compiled by the experts over at Solar Power Authority.