Real Vacation Stories – Summer 2017

At Highway West Vacations, one of our main goals is to provide camping experiences that help create fond memories that last a lifetime and with our Real Vacation Stories, we are able to hear from our guests and assess just how well we are meeting this goal! Below are a few recent stories submitted to us that highlight the locations, amenities, and service we proudly offer at various Highway West Vacations destinations.

Real Vacation Stories – Customer Service Superstars

The hospitality business allows us the opportunity to make guests feel comfortable and at home when they visit our resorts and at Highway West Vacations, we love to recognize the dedication of our on-site team members. Here are a few Real Vacation Stories that recognize team members that go above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is here and vacations are on our mind! If you are looking for that last burst of inspiration before you plan your summer trip, take a look at a few of our recent Real Vacation Stories:

The Benefits Of Traveling: Real Vacation Stories

It has often been said that spending money on experiences can make us feel more fulfilled than buying material objects. If you don’t believe us, ask the folks over at We may feel richer on payday but the real world benefits of traveling not only include making you feel happier but can help you become more successful in your career and beyond.

Steven Harjo, Oceanside

My third time back. Love being so close to beach, listing to ocean at night, sleeping, going out on the rock reef, let my dog run and sniff things. She had fun also. Just like to take it easy. Thanks! Be back next year. Dog too!