Hiking Trails In Salt Lake City – Red Butte Garden Trails

Salt Lake City has its fair share of hiking trails but not all are as unique as the Red Butte Garden Trails. Developed by the University of Utah, the trails found here have delighted visitors and locals since 1985. The location is known for its perfectly manicured botanical gardens and large undeveloped natural area that creates a one-of-a-kind setting for avid hikers and nature lovers. Let’s take a step into the Red Butte Garden and see what we can find!

Eco-Friendly Rain Gear – Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket

The colder winter months have been bringing rain to many different parts of the United States and raingear has become a must for many venturing outdoors. For years, rain jackets have relied on a laminated fabric that helps water bead upon the surface of the jacket. However, the chemicals found in these waterproof membranes have a difficult time breaking down readily in the environment. That’s why Columbia has developed the Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket, made from 21 recycled plastic bottles and technology that does away with harmful chemicals without compromising performance.

How To Conquer Your Post-Vacation Blues Between Trips

As campers, we take advantage of every opportunity to explore the great outdoors and travel as often as possible. However, most of us don’t have the luxury of traveling all the time or as often as we would like, creating a sense of longing to get back out on the open road. Returning to your normal routine can be tough but Wikihow has taught us how to overcome the post-vacation blues and now we want to share the information with you!

Quick Tips & Tricks For The Hiking Trail

We have all prepared for hikes, only to have something go wrong. Staying hydrated or protecting ourselves from the elements can sometimes defy common sense and careful planning. The folks over at Backpacker.com have had some experienced adventurers weigh in with some DIY tips that will help you avoid having your hike turn into a harrowing affair.

Dog Hiking Gear

There’s a pretty good chance you have seen fellow campers enjoying the outdoors with their four-legged friends and we would wager that many of you who are reading this blog are dog owning travelers yourselves. Dogs are incredible companions and at our various Highway West Vacations destinations, we see new furry friends arrive daily. Many of our guests with pets inquire about nearby hiking trails, so we thought it would be a great idea to find out more about gear that will help make your hike more comfortable for both you and your dog!