Camping & Glamping Cooking Gear - GSI Outdoors

When it comes to campfire cooking, simplicity is the name of the game but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice your palette or ignore your cooking skills when preparing food at the campground. GSI Outdoors has developed cooking gear for all skill levels that is lightweight, compact, and convenient as each set and appliance provides you with all the comforts of your kitchen back home!

Unique Campfire Cooking Tips

Our Tinfoil Toolbox blog prominently features campground recipes but occasionally we like to supply our readers with a few more tools for cooking outdoors. No, we aren’t talking cooking gear (this time). The Clymb has a few ways you can be resourceful and impress your friends when curating cuisine at the campsite and we wanted to pass the info along!

How to Clean And Season A Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron pans and skillets are standard tools in a camper’s arsenal of cooking gear and over the years, there has been a great debate over the best way to clean and season these useful utensils. You want to make sure that your cast iron pan is sanitary but don’t want to miss out on the seasoning that these skillets can retain and add to future dishes. Country Living claims to have found the answer and luckily, all you need for cleaning are common household items you probably already have!

Camping Gear – How To Take Wine Camping

In the past, we addressed the needs of beer-loving campers everywhere by writing a piece about the Miir Insulated Growler and we couldn’t help but think that maybe it was time to address the needs of traveling wine lovers. Storing wine while camping and finding appropriate glassware for traveling can prove to be difficult tasks. Thankfully, a few wine connoisseurs have developed products that allow you to travel effortlessly with wine without sacrificing any of the taste or aroma!

Camping Gear - Insulated Beer Growler

Breweries and craft beer have become a cultural phenomenon. Home brewers and appreciators of the craft have taken the consumption and creation of beer to a new level of artistry but how can you enjoy a premium brew that retains its carbonation and flavor while you are camping? The answer: The Miir Insulated Growler.