New Tiny Homes At Alderwood RV Express

You can’t scroll through your feed, turn on the TV, or flip through a magazine without seeing something about the current tiny home craze. The “less is more” mantra has never rung truer and people are building tiny homes all over the world. Since we want each of our campgrounds to feel like a home away from home, we thought why not bring tiny homes to our Alderwood RV Express in Mead, Washington and offer a new way to camp!

Things To Do in Washington – Treehouse Island

Silverlake might not be the first place that comes to mind when most people think of Washington but besides being home to our Silver Cove RV Resort, the area offers a 50 acre paradise better known as Treehouse Island.

How To Create Natural Home Décor

We aren’t always able to tear ourselves away from our hectic lives and experience the restorative powers of nature but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a home environment that helps us get by in between trips! Décor By The Seashore has a list of 10 items that you can collect on your camping trips and various DIY projects you can take part in to help transform your home into its very own peaceful retreat. Most of these projects are easy enough to do around the campfire!

Plan The Perfect Wedding With Highway West Vacations

Wedding season is upon us! Whether you are planning for this year or a year or two down the line, you may be considering a destination wedding and what better place to host a destination wedding than a location that can provide a memorable setting, food services, and accommodations for your entire wedding party! We have three particular destinations in mind, each with their own unique charm, natural setting, and decorative themes. Let’s see what each one has to offer!

Eco-Friendly Rain Gear – Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket

The colder winter months have been bringing rain to many different parts of the United States and raingear has become a must for many venturing outdoors. For years, rain jackets have relied on a laminated fabric that helps water bead upon the surface of the jacket. However, the chemicals found in these waterproof membranes have a difficult time breaking down readily in the environment. That’s why Columbia has developed the Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket, made from 21 recycled plastic bottles and technology that does away with harmful chemicals without compromising performance.