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April 02, 2016

Our Shelter Cove Resort & Marina may be close to Odell Lake, Deschutes National Forest, and Willamette National Forest but its home base of Crescent, OR and its local activities may be a little less familiar for those interested in visiting Oregon. If you are considering staying at Shelter Cove or passing through, here is a great list of current activities sponsored by the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce:

Happening though May 1st, the local park rangers will be offering guided snowshoe tours through Crater Lake National Park. As one of the snowiest inhabited places in America, this is an ideal location to explore the unique wildlife and plant life that calls this winter wonderland home. The two hour walk goes off-trail around the rim of the lake. The snowshoes are provided for free and the tour is complimentary. For more information, visit

The Klamath County Library has a variety of one-time events and recurring gatherings where locals and visitors come together for entertainment and education. The ongoing Anime Anonymous allows anime enthusiasts to meet on Sundays for discussions, drawing fan art, and more! The teen game tournament is soon coming to end but this month-long event allowed the participating teenagers to go head-to-head as they play Xbox One and Playstation 4 games in the hopes of winning exciting prizes!

The library also offers lectures, art classes, book club meetings, free movie screenings and much more. Visit to see what’s happening when you plan on visiting the area!

South of Crescent in Klamath Falls, you can stop by and see what is going on at the Ross Ragland Theater. Concerts, theatre performances, and movie screenings are all staples here! For more information on their upcoming events, visit

If you plan on traveling through southern Portland, make sure you take advantage of the unique natural points of interest, local events, and of course the accommodations and amenities of our Shelter Cove Resort & Marina. For more information, visit

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