Moab Biking Trails – Moab Canyon Pathway

June 15, 2016

Although Moab is known for its abundance of mountain biking and unique trails like the Slickrock Bike Trail, the area also proudly boasts paved biking trails such as the Moab Canyon Pathway.

The Moab Canyon Pathway provides over 100 miles of paved road that is exclusively for non-motorized vehicles, bike riders, and those traveling by foot. You can stick to the main trail or use it as a jumping off point for many of the area’s mountain bike and slickrock trails.

The path begins just north of Moab, along a bridge that crosses over the Colorado River and Highway 128. Travel two miles along the trail through the red rock canyon and you will find yourself at the entrance for Arches National Park. Here you can enter the park and follow your trail of choice, each providing a 30-40 mile roundtrip adventure or you can continue along the outside of the park for 6.5 miles. Here you can choose to turn back around or continue on to Highway 313.

If you continue on Highway 313, you will find yourself in the midst of a challenging 24 mile climb to Dead Horse Point State Park. Continue for another 11 miles and you will arrive at Grand View Point Overlook located in Canyonlands National Park. This spot located on Canyonlands’ high mesa known as the Island In The Sky offers views that seem endless as they stretch out beneath you.

Besides these breathtaking destinations, the main pathway also provides access to many of the Moab Brand Trails for a change of pace and terrain.

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