Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

July 30, 2015

Do you have an ATV but are tired of the same old dry lake bed or desert locations you’ve been frequenting for years? Are you looking for a unique off-roading experience? It doesn’t get much more unique than the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, a 40 mile expanse along the southern Oregon Coast, known for being the largest stretch of coastal sand dunes in all of North America!

Stretching upwards to 500 feet above the sea, the sand dunes are a product of wind, water, and the passage of time, creating a destination where thousands gather year-round to enjoy all that the area has to offer. Sand rails, motorcycles, 4x4s, and quads are all welcome among the three designated riding areas which were developed to provide a multitude of off-roading options.

The sand dunes offer more than just thrills for daring drivers. The area contains 30 lakes and ponds which cater to those interested in swimming, water skiing, sailing, and fishing. For a list of the large lakes you can visit along the dunes, visit http://www.stateparks.com/oregon_dunes.html.

The fun doesn’t end there either! There are also trails that incorporate the lush coastal forests that surround the area. Traversing through a forest that is almost touching the ocean is an experience like no other. As you navigate through the Douglas Firs and Sitka Spruce, you will find that many trails cross over through the sand dunes, once again showcasing the unparalleled diversity of the area’s terrain.

Conveniently enough, the dunes pass through Coos Bay which is home to our Oceanside RV Park & Campground. This beachside resort will round out your trip to the dunes by providing you with a place to rest just mere steps away from the ocean. For more information on Oceanside, please visit http://www.oceansidervresort.com/.

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